John Mayer To Pop The Question?

August 6, 2008 By:
John Mayer To Pop The Question?

Isn’t it interesting how magazines know things before the celebs themselves? According to new rumors, John Mayer is gonna propose to Jennifer Aniston this autumn. Wonder if John Mayer knows he’s gonna propose? It might be news to him so someone might wanna tell him.

Jennifer is gonna start promoting her new movie “Management” in September and that’s when she’s reportedly gonna show off her bling.

A source said: "As it stands now, John will be on the red carpet with her. And don't be at all surprised to see Jennifer sporting an engagement ring by then. These two are serious!

"Jennifer continues to be more public in her relationship with John than she has with anybody, ever."

These magazine psychics have not only come up with the date of engagement, but they also have a wedding date. According to the mag, the two will marry before Jennifer turns 40 in February. Are you guys buying any of this? Can’t wait to see what sort of blog John Mayer writes in response to this rumor.

UPDATE: Jennifer's rep has denied rumors that John and Jen are getting married saying, "She is not getting married."