John Mayer Responds to Jen Aniston Rumors

September 22, 2010 By:
John Mayer Responds to Jen Aniston Rumors

John Mayer is finally responding to the rumors he’s back together with Jennifer Aniston. There’s been speculation ever since sources claimed the two were spotted in Atlanta together.

Mayer’s rep tells Us Magazine that the rumors aren’t true.

"John is single,” says the rep. “These reunion rumors are 100-percent fabricated."

A source adds, "After his tour wrapped on September 11, he traveled back to his NYC home. He's been out with friends and catching up on much-needed rest."

So what about all those supposed “sightings” of Jen and John together, and her showing up at his concerts? Well, they may have been together, but not as a couple, says a friend of Mayer’s.

"John is still friends with Jen, but they are not dating again...They remain friends but are definitely not back together."

There goes that rumor! Maybe we would have known earlier had John decided not to quit Twitter last week!