John Mayer Has A Message For An Ex

March 7, 2008 By:
John Mayer Has A Message For An Ex

John Mayer has a message for an ex....stop stalking him!

John Mayer basically wrote a blog on a website asking an ex to stop contacting him. He also said that we shouldn't read the message on a personal level. You read the blog and be the judge. Who do you think he's talking about?

I was sitting in the airport lounge this morning when I started scribbling out lyrics and such...
Don't read too far into this on a personal level. (There are no hidden messages)... I just thought it sums up how crazy love can be.

Dear Ex Lover,

Perhaps you didn't understand the last time I told you to stop contacting me, so I'll do my best to spell it out for you. I do not wish to have you in my life anymore. I don't know how much more clear I can be about it. It would serve you best to move on with your life and find someone who can put up with you, because I'm done trying.
I hope this is enough closure for you.


P.S. If you need me, you know how to find me.