John Mayer Gets Frisky With Another Blonde

May 6, 2008 By:
John Mayer Gets Frisky With Another Blonde

When the cats away, the mice will play! While Jennifer Aniston is still soaking up the sun in Miami, her new beau John Mayer was back to his player ways in New York City.

A source tells the New York Post that John, who was out at 1Oak Friday night with Adam Levigne, "was all over some blond girl."

Mayer later asked the DJ to play some R. Kelly songs so "we can dance with our girls."

Although they've only been dating for a hot minute, and its still too soon for them to be an exclusive couple--Aniston hardly seems like the kind of girl would be okay with him hooking up with other girls. And old habits seem to die hard with John. What are your thoughts on their union?