John Mayer Clears Ex Message

March 8, 2008 By:
John Mayer Clears Ex Message

John Mayer wrote a blog earlier this week telling an ex to basically stop stalking him. This blog got a lot of attention and now John has decided to clear up the air with another blog.

Read the blog below:

The blog - copied from my lyric/idea journal, is all about the P.S. - it's a writing technique called "deceptive resolution"; you think the story is going one way, only to find that it twists around at the end, using all its momentum to swing in another direction. In this instance, the writer of the missive is saying in as many certain terms as possible that he does not want to see his ex anymore. At the end, the P.S. leaves that all too common contradiction in terms that makes love so messed up. I call it "I wish you were here so I could tell you to leave".

This actually has some pretty far-reaching ramifications. How will I write an entire record of lyrics when one small blog passage incites so much curiosity? Can I write a song because of somebody but not about them? By way of my experiences but not as a sordid retelling of them? Because if I can't, I need to rewrite the last line to my new song "Boning you on my helicopter".