John Mayer Calls For Paparazzi Regulations

July 31, 2008 By:
John Mayer Calls For Paparazzi Regulations

John Mayer is the latest celebrity on board to regulate the paparazzi snap-happy ways. He personally made an argument today at LA City Hall in support of a law that would prevent the paps from getting too close to him and other celebs.

John says, "I don't sit before you today to ask that you ban the paparazzi. I'm asking you to regulate it. Officialize it. Tax it. Legitimize it. I don't want to beg the city of Los Angeles to give me 1987 back. I love being a famous musician in 2008... This is about safety."

"Regulating the paparazzi won't bring an end to modern-day media coverage, just as the newly enforced hands-free law hasn't stopped people from talking on cell phones while they drive."

Are you in favor of regulating the paps?