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NAME:John Lennon BIRTH DATE:October 9, 1940 (Age: 40) PLACE OF BIRTH:Liverpool, Merseyside, England

John Winston Ono Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England, during World War II. When Elvis Presley took over the rock music scene during the 1950s, John was inspired to put together his first ever band, called The Quarrymen, which was in tribute to his high school Quarry Bank High School.

The band would later grow with the addition of George Harrison and Paul McCartney and transform into The Beatles.

In 1962, The Beatles released their first singles “Love Me Do” and “Please Please Me,” both of which topped the charts in Britain and created a mass following in Europe and eventually America. On February 9, 1964, The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show (1948) and “Beatlemania” ensued, followed by a “British Invasion” of other rock bands into the U.S including, The Rolling Stones.  They then returned home to film their debut movie A Hard Day’s Night (1964).

In 1965, The Beatles filmed their second film Help! and later individually bestowed with the Member of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen of England for their impressive import revenues from their debut record sales. During this time, The Beatles performed at New York’s Shea Stadium and set the record for the largest concert audience, followed by their highly received album Rubber Soul (1965).

As The Beatles continued to tour around the world, “Beatlemania” came to a halt when John made a controversial comment concerning their popularity, saying, “we’re more popular than Jesus now.” Although they stopped touring after August 29, 1966, the band continued breaking new musical grounds in the studio with drug-inspired, uniquely abstract sounds and lyrics in their eighth studio album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club (1967).

In the mid 1967s, The Beatles began to break down, first with their critically denounced film Magical Mystery Tour followed by their double-album The Beatles, also known as the White Album, which exposed their conflicting musical paths. After John married artist Yoko Ono, tensions within the band continued to tighten.

In 1969, John and Ono released the national anthem single for pacifists, “Give Peace a Chance,” under the name The Plastic Ono Band. Soon after recording The Beatles’ next album Abbey Road in September 1969, John left the band. The band’s dismantle was kept secret from the public until McCartney left in April 1970, prior to the release of their 12th and final album Let It Be (1970).

 In 1971, John released the single “Imagine,” which is seen as one of his most successful post-break-up attempts and was named the third all-time best song by Rolling Stone magazine. After John and Ono moved to the U.S. in the summer of 1971, John was constantly harassed by the Nixon administration, who claimed he would be deported for his 1968 marijuana conviction in Britain. John knew it was in response to his public activism against the Vietnam War, which was later proven when Nixon left office and John became a U.S. resident in 1976. He went on to release his hit albums Mind Games (1973), Walls and Bridges (1974) and Rock and Roll (1975).

On his 35th birthday, John decided to leave the music business to focus on his new job as a devoted husband and father. He returned to the music scene in 1980, with the release of the album Double Fantasy (1980) and the hit single “(Just Like) Starting Over.” Following its release, a psychotic fan, named Mark Chapman, gunned down John right outside his New York apartment complex. John later died at the Roosevelt Hospital on December 8, 1980 from multiple gunshots to the back. He was only 40 years.

John Lennon WIfe, Girlfriend & Dating History Timeline

August 1962 – 1968

In August 1962, John married Cynthia Powell at the Mount Pleasant Registry Office in Liverpool, during the time that The Beatles were rising to fame. Cynthia was forced to keep a low profile during “Beatlemania,” in order for John to live up to the bachelor image. They had a son together, named Julian after John’s mother, but the two divorced in 1968.

1966 – 1973

After divorcing from Cynthia, John turned around and married Japanese artist Yoko Ono at the Rock of Gibraltar. He reportedly had met her at the Indica Gallery in November 1966. The two later separated in the fall of 1973, reportedly due to John’s immigration battle with Nixon.

1973 - 1975

While in Los Angeles, John partied excessively and was rumored to have picked up a mistress, named May Pang, whom was once his assistant. He later left Pang to reconcile with Yoko, whom he could not live without.

1975 – 1980

After reconciling with Yoko, the two had a son, Sean, on John’s 35th birthday (October 09, 1975). 


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