Community Vs. Big Bang Theory: Which Show Should You Be Watching?

March 29, 2012 By:
Community Vs. Big Bang Theory: Which Show Should You Be Watching?

Twitter has been blowing up over #BigCHANGTheory, a movement to get viewers to watch ‘Community’ instead of ‘Big Bang Theory.’ (A little background if you haven’t seen ‘Community’: Chang is Ben Chang, played by Ken Jeong. He loves punning up his name).

But we say: calm down, sitcoms. You’re both funny. Hollyscoop talked to the stars from both hit TV shows, asking them why we should watch. And we’ve put together a few reasons to watch both ‘Community’ and the ‘Big Bang Theory.'


You’ll hurt Joel McHale’s feelings if you don’t watch: Hollyscoop talked to ‘Community’ star Joel McHale about the upcoming season.

“Look, just because you’ve never seen it—I’m going to forgive you, and it’s no big deal,” Joel told Hollyscoop. (For the record, we're big fans of the show).

Joel might have played it cool, but we could see the pain in his eyes.

Someone will die: Oscar-winning writer Jim Rash, who plays Dean Pelton on ‘Community,’ won’t say who, but he confirms a rumor started by Joel McHale--that one character will die. Jim told Hollyscoop: “People react to these characters and fall in love with them. Its the characters.” Luckily, Joel has said that it won't be a main character.

They’ll kill someone if you don’t watch: Joel told Hollyscoop: “We make a blood sacrifice before the beginning of every episode. And not only do we do it on set, but we also do it the night the show airs. And the larger the sacrifice, the greater the viewership. So weʼre gonna have to kill a human being, I think, next week.” WATCH THE SHOW PEOPLE.

Big Bang Theory:

Kaley Cuoco Is Dedicated: Kaley Cuoco, best known as the hot chick on ‘Big Bang Theory,’ told Hollyscoop: “I’m willing to do close to anything.” That’s enough of a reason to watch.

Johnny Galecki Wants Uma Thurman: When asked what celebrity love interest he’d like to have guest star on the show, cool nerd Johnny Galecki said: “Uma Thurman could pull off the job. Angelina Jolie…”

Steven Hawking: In an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ that’s set to air late this year, actor Jim Parsons gets to work with Steven Hawking. He described the experience:

"It was insane and intense, if I'm being honest. To be in his presence was a very powerful thing.”