Joel Madden Is In Love

January 24, 2008 By:
Joel Madden Is In Love

You could tell that Joel Madden is one of those guys that look like hard asses from the outside but are the biggest softies inside. He has been constantly updating all his fans about his newborn daughter ever since Nicole gave birth.

Madden says that he didn’t know what love really was until he met his daughter Harlow. He also says that he hates turning on the television to watch TV because it’s always bad news being reported.

Read his most recent blog below:

“[Harlow] is already growing to fast! So I am at home writing this blog before i head to the DCMA store, and then the DEAD EXEC studio to work. I swear it’s so hard to leave during the day, but always so rewarding to come home to the little family. I’ve always been a guy who loves to love. Probably one of the things that define me outside of my work is LOVE. I had no idea what love even was until Harlow came along.

Me and her mother feel like the luckiest two people alive right now. This time in our life has been amazing. We both look at our little girl every single moment everyday and know there is nothing we wouldn’t do to protect her and her perfect little innocence. It seems like you turn on the TV, or get online and its all bad news.

We don’t want her to know any of that yet. I actually never want her to know any of the pain and suffering we see out in the world everyday, or how harsh people can be as a result of it. Having this baby has really made me realize we all start out that way, then somewhere along the way something happens and people go one way or the other. But all started out sweet and innocent just like my little daughter. The world could really make you bitter if you let it, but thats where music, and art come in to save the day.

You’ve got to surround yourself with the things you love. The whole point to DCMA and this site is a bunch of us friends doing what we love, surrounding ourselves with positivity. I want my kid to grow up around that.

My heart goes out to Heath Ledger’s family. Too young. too soon. too loved to be gone. It almost seems pointless to say this with the state of the media today, but I hope people will respect what his child and her mother are going thru right now and give them space. May God be with them.

So this one was especially long today on the writing side, I apologize it all just got me thinking.”