Joel Madden Experiences Tattoo Discrimination

April 27, 2009 By:
Joel Madden Experiences Tattoo Discrimination

To tattoo or not to tattoo, that is the question for British Airways. The airline refused to let rocker Joel Madden board a flight because of his tattoos and was asked to cover up.

Joel took to his twitter to vent his frustration. He told fans, "Was just told by a British air person I can't get on the plane till I cover my tatts. Should I fight the power?

"I really actually am in shock, he won't let me on the plane till I put long sleeves on and another BA rep is disagreeing."

Since he couldn't miss his flight, Joel had no choice but to cover up his tattoos, but he was less than thrilled about it. In fact, he plans on taking up the issue with airline bosses.

He updated his blog to read: "I still can't believe Brit Air discriminated me for tatts. Unheard of. the guy was literally disgusted by me. I'm gonna write a letter!!

"I did end up covering my tats. It's not my style to cause a scene, I just had a convo with the BA guy, told him how it was discrimination."

And Madden insists he was left humiliated by the incident: "Yes I covered up to board the BA flight. I didn't want to miss it. And honestly I was embarrassed all the people were staring and laughing!

"It's not in the rules that I can find. My tatts arent offensive. Looking into it. I havent felt this small since the first time i asked nic (partner Nicole Richie) out."

And girlfriend Nicole Richie jumped to his defense, posting her frustration on her twitter page. She wrote: "That's the craziest story I've ever heard. It's sad there is still such discrimination in this world. PS all of joel madden's tattoos are spiritual. Since when is expressing your love for God & family against what British Airways stands for?"

What are your thoughts on the situation? Was it wrong for British airways to discriminate against his tattoos? Tell us your thoughts!


A rep for British Airways just released the following statement: "We don't understand why the employee took it upon himself to enforce regulations that don't exist."