Joel and Nicole Don't Plan On Marrying

June 26, 2008 By:
Joel and Nicole Don't Plan On Marrying

There are about 3-5 Nicole Richie and Joel Madden wedding rumors that surface on the Internet a week. Joel Madden wants to once and for all set those rumors straight.

"We don't have any plans for that right now," Madden told People Magazine. "We're just happy, and we're being a family, and that's where we're at right now. But marriage means something different to everyone."

Joel was a celebrity DJ at the Oakley/Suzuki Celebrity Ride Day event this afternoon where he spent his time spinning records and talking about his lady and baby.

Joel added, "Right now we're really happy...and we're concentrating on our family, and that's what is making us happy right now. We're moving at our own pace."

Even though he set the record straight chances are there are going to be new wedding rumors that start next week. The two seem happy so why complicate things right?