Harlow Is Joel's One True Love

April 17, 2008 By:
Harlow Is Joel's One True Love

Joel Madden seems like the sweetest dad to three month old Harlow. Nicole says that while on tour, he'll call and sing lullabies to her over the
phone. And last night at a performance in NYC, Joel confessed to the
audience just how much he loved his little bundle of joy.

He said, "You know, no matter how many beautiful girls there are in this
audience, I must confess that three months ago, I had a little baby girl, and she's my one and only true love."

He went on to dedicate a song to her during the show that he thought she might like. "Before I left on tour, we've been on tour about a month now, I used to sing songs to [Harlow] every day. And there's a band she really likes, it's called The Cure. Big Cure fan. So I've learned all their songs and we'll sing one tonight. This is called 'Love Song.'"