Mother of Joe Simpson's "Boyfriend" - "My Son Is Devastated By The Rumors"

October 30, 2012 By:
Mother of Joe Simpson's

Ever since Jessica Simpson’s parents filed for divorce, rumors have circulating regarding Joe Simpson's sexual preference. Several sources claim Joe is gay and has a secret 21-year-old boy toy named Bryce Chandler Hill.

Most of these rumors started circulating from National Enquirer, so I’m hesitant to believe any of it, but since the rumors are effectively breaking the Internet we had to figure out what is really going on.

Hollyscoop talked to Joe's rumored boyfriend Bryce’s mom Diane Hill, who admitted that Bryce does know Joe Simpson because "they met once a couple months ago," but the “boyfriend” rumor started circulating "when someone took a couple Twitter exchanges between the two of them way out of context."

“My son is devastated by the rumors, they are not true,” Diane tells Hollyscoop, “He has not been contacted by Joe or any of the Simpson family, but it is unfortunate that Joe Simpson is not stepping forward and denying the allegations. It would be nice for Joe to say something, my son is only a 21-year-old kid, Joe is 54.”

Bryce has been denying the allegations on his Twitter account, but has not reached out to Joe to end this madness, because apparently they don’t know each other very well.

“To be honest, he doesn’t have enough of a relationship with Joe to reach out to him and Bryce has not been contacted by Joe or his reps either,” says Diane.

The latest news from, which is owned by National Enquirer, is that Tina Simpson decided to divorce Joe when she flew to New York, where Joe was staying, unannounced, and grilled him about his so-called affair. It was then that Joe reportedly admitted he was having an affair with Bryce and Tina demanded a divorce.

“That’s the first I’m hearing about this,” says Bryce’s mom, who told us that she and Bryce have a “very close relationship.”

“Joe and Bryce have not known each other for 3 years and they have never been seen together, I don’t understand how they can assume all of this from Twitter and say that their Twitter conversation is flirting, it is not.”

Well, we’ve all learned today that what happens on Twitter doesn’t necessarily stay on Twitter and what happens on Twitter can look like a cheating scandal. Think before you re-tweet, guys, you wouldn’t want the Internet to think you’re hooking up with Joe Simpson.