Joe Simpson's Rumored Gay Lover Revealed

October 29, 2012 By:
Joe Simpson's Rumored Gay Lover Revealed
Image By: Pacific Coast News

Jessica Simpson’s parents recently announced that they were divorcing and now all sorts of new reports are alleging it’s because Joe Simpson is a homosexual.

Last week, new photos of Joe hit the web and did NOTHING to help those gay rumors. In the photo he’s got frosted tips, a spray tan, and a pale yellow sweater on. I’m stereotyping right now, but how can you not when you see this pic?

Anyways, the rumor mill, aka National Enquirer, is claiming he has a 20-something boy toy AND Joe has been hitting the golf greens with a young hot guy recently, but in the midst of the gay rumors, Joe canceled his weekly golf date with the young stud.

A source told that “Joe has always played golf at his swanky club MountainGate on Saturdays with a much younger, 20-something male, who isn’t a member. Joe’s golfing buddy is extremely good looking and Joe is very secretive about his identity. Joe never writes the guest’s name on the sign-in sheet and never allows any other members to join in while they play,” which the source says is “very, very odd.”

While it’s not unheard of for a hot 20-something dude to play golf, now that the world is buzzing about Joe’s sexual preference, Joe ditched the golfing “buddy” and was seen this weekend playing with a much older friend AND he let two other guys join them on the course, which he NEVER allows when he’s with the younger guy.

Not only that, but Joe has supposedly been outed as dating a 21-year-old named Bryce Chandler Hill.

Radar claims that Bryce and Joe have been dating for a year and that everyone in West Hollywood knows about it! First of all, WeHo ain’t that small, everyone doesn’t know everyone’s business just because they are gay and live in the same zip code.

Anyways, after the Bryce story broke, Bryce himself took to Twitter to write. 

This story came about because Joe Simpson retweeted something Bryce wrote several weeks ago. While it was weird that one of the 34 people that Joe follows is a 21-year-old male model, the way Bryce is shooting down the rumors on Twitter it seems like there is nothing going on between these two.

Bryce also tweeted at friends, “It’s crazy to have to deal w/ a complete fabrication” and “a shady blog and a ‘source’ make no truth.”