The Joe Simpson Evolution: DUIs, Divorce, Gay Rumors

October 31, 2012 By:
The Joe Simpson Evolution: DUIs, Divorce, Gay Rumors

Joe Simpson. What is there to say about Joe Simpson? A lot, apparently.

Now that Jessica Simpson’s parents are divorcing and Joe has been thrust into the limelight for a supposed gay romance, let’s take a look back at the Joe Simpson evolution, specifically the downfall. From the DUI to his bizarre gay golf drama we're breaking it down for your easy viewing pleasure. #WhatsNextForJoe? I have no idea.

DUIs: This summer marked the beginning of the end for Joe Simpson. He was driving in LA on August 4, 2012 when he was pulled over and slapped with a DUI, supposedly blowing .12 on the breathalyzer. In retrospect, this was about the time that he supposedly was about to divorce his wife, so maybe he was drinking away his sorrows? Understandable.

Divorce: Joe and Tina Simpson announced their divorce last week, but apparently they filed for divorce back in September. They said the divorce is due to “conflict of personalities” but they appear to be doing fine. Tina told Hollyscoop that “all is good” between them, but Joe hasn’t spoken out about it, so who knows?!

Boy Toys: The day before the news broke that Joe and Tina were splitting, National Enquirer posted a story alleging that he was gay and had secret 20-something boyfriends. At first we were like, “Get it Joe Simpson!” but then it got creepy when a 21-year-old male model named Bryce Chandler Hill was rumored to be his boyfriend. Bryce and his mom both denied the alleged affair, so the real 20-something boyfriend could still be out there! 

New Look: Just days after the divorce announcement and the gay rumors, Joe Simpson walked around LA in an outfit that just screamed, “This is my coming out photo!” He was rocking frosted tips, a new haircut, a pale yellow sweater, and skinny jeans! 

Golf Drama: This story might be the most ridiculous of all the Joe Simpson drama. Apparently Joe goes to a golf course every week and always has a much younger, much hotter golfing buddy, but last weekend, after the gay rumors broke, he replaced his hot boy toy with a middle-aged man. Did he do this to quiet the rumors? Was his hot golf partner his life partner?

So now you’re caught up to speed in the Joe Simpson saga. Will we finally learn who his boyfriend is? Is he actually gay? Is this all just a pesky rumor?

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