Gay Rumors: Joe Simpson Speaks Out

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Gay Rumors: Joe Simpson Speaks Out
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How do you get Joe Simpson to come out of the closet? Put a naked woman in there with him!

Following the shocking re-arrival of a more stylish and seemingly less straight forward Joe Simpson, the Hollywood patriarch is denying all rumors that he’s batting for the other team. In others words, “Joe Simpson is NOT Gay,” says Joe Simpson.

TMZ is reporting the latest and greatest from Joe’s tour de fabulous.

According to sources, Simpson has been telling the people in his life that the gay rumors are in fact false. The actual wording that he’s using is “ridiculous.”

This after several media outlets started questioning Mr. Simpson’s sexual preference and tying him to flings with younger men, which caused his marriage to Tina Simpson to unravel.

But despite the new denial, a series of unfortunate events paint the 51-year-old not only as a liar, but also gayer than a rollerblading pixie stick.

First, there was the new look that Joe stepped out in, complete with frosted tips, crispier haircut, canary sweater, and skinny jeans. Some have gone as far as to call the image that captured his new style his “coming out photo.”

The only thing missing in the shot was a sign hanging from his neck, with the statement: “I heart boys.”

Then came the gay boy toys. The main victim to fall under the flaming umbrella of Joe Simpson man-lover speculations was Bryce Chandler Hill, a 21-year-old male model that had been in contact with via Twitter.

Since then, Bryce’s mother has responded to the reports, telling Hollyscoop, “My son is devastated by the rumors, they are not true.”

Add to that his recent DUI and a mysterious male golf partner and Joe’s been a hot commodity in the headlines lately.

We’re not to say if he is or is not gay, but here’s a rundown of his recent shenanigans to help you decide.