Gay Escort Talks Joe Simpson Escapade

November 7, 2012 By:
Gay Escort Talks Joe Simpson Escapade

Happy day-after-the-election y’all, here’s a story about a male prostitute talking about having sex with Joe Simpson! Wooo! America!

So National Enquirer (I know, National Enquirer, really?) just sat down for an video interview with a gay male escort, Joey Anderson, who claims he had a three-hour romp with Joe at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in NYC recently.

Joey says Joe “enjoyed kissing very much” and added, “I want to say he had some experience before [with a man]. It couldn’t have been the first one, because he got very into it.”

Wait wait wait! If I learned anything from “Pretty Woman” it’s that hookers (female or otherwise) don’t kiss on the lips?  Aren’t escorts just fancy prostitutes? Who is this Joey character and what’s he doing kissing his clients!?

Hmm, suspicious.

Joey added that Joe wasn’t nervous and then he went into great detail about all the things they did. I will spare you the details, or you can read them and watch the video at, but the highlight reel is that they did EVERYTHING!

We’re talking John-Travolta-at-a-bath-house-everything!

Just in case you think Joey is full of sh-t, which he very well could be, he said Joe used the pseudonym “Jack” but Joey “recognized him from the get-go” because Joey is a big fan of Jessica Simpson.

Oh gawwd, Jessica must be so proud of her fans.

Anyways, last we heard Joe Simpson is laughing off the gay rumors, reportedly telling friends that the reports are “ridiculous.” So, who knows what to believe anymore?