"True Blood" Star Joe Manganiello Has Split With His Long Term Fiance

September 15, 2011 By:

Joe Manganiello is a lone wolf! Joe Manganiello who plays the sexy werewolf Alcide on "True Blood" has split with his fiancee Audra Marie. Sad news for Audra Marie, awesome news for she-wolves everywhere!

Sources, aka people who don't deserve to be friends with celebrities, are running to US Weekly with news of the break-up.

"It's totally over," says a source.

"It was a long time coming. They'll both be better off for it." says another insider.

But Manganiello has seemed to be recovering from the split quite nicely. He was spotted on Monday, September 12 at the W Hotel's Fashion Next party for Fashion Week where he and actress Rose McGowan sat together and chatted while sipping champagne.

"I was surprised how long they chatted for," says an onlooker.

But don't spread any rumors that Joe is dating Rose McGowan. That line was directed at myself.

However, Us Weekly claims that Joe has "reservations" about the wedding long before they announced the split. The couple became engaged in October of 2010 after a year and a half of dating.

After he popped the question, he gushed to E! News about his fiance, "I always dreamed of finding someone who is beautiful and sweet, equal parts. And I did. From there she's just unbelievably understanding and compassionate and patient from all the craziness that comes from this job and lifestyle."

Then earlier this Spring, some news outlet asked when the wedding was and he totally shut down, "He [went] completely quiet about discussing wedding details," the source said and then added, "He [was] clearly having reservations."

Only time will tell, best wishes to the newly single stud while he tries to fight off every Olivia Wilde and Charlize Theron. It's gonna be real difficult being single and hot in Hollywood. Poor guy.

While we're talking hot fictional werewolves, Manganiello has moved on from TV acting and just wrapped filming on the romantic comedy "What to Expect When You're Expecting" with Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz. He said the experience "was a blast" and that he especially loved hanging out on set with comedian Chris Rock, "we were just cracking each other up," he said.

The hunky actor is also close to signing on to play a male stripper in the upcoming Steven Soderberg film about the Chippendale's dancers starring Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum, but Manganiello was mum about the details, "there are a lot of rumors floating around," he revealed.

Single, not-single, werewolf or stripper, no matter how you slice it, Joe Manganiello is very hot and very much back on the market.