Jonas Brothers Spotted out with Addiction Specialist Again

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Jonas Brothers Spotted out with Addiction Specialist Again
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Something is seriously up with the Jonas Brothers. First they canceled their tour because of a mysterious conflict within the group, then Joe Jonas was spotted walking around LA in a bad mood with a high-profile addiction specialist and now the three brothers were spotted AGAIN with the addiction guy!

All three brothers were spotted at Chateau Marmont with Mike Bayer, the CEO of Cast Recovery Services, which provides outpatient rehab services for any sort of issue you can think of.

Maybe one of the dudes has an addiction problem or maybe Mike Bayer also handles problems within boy bands.

Mike himself specializes in “crisis situations” with celebrities, but do you really think the boys would call up crisis counseling over something like “creative differences.”

The brothers' problem seems a lot more serious than that.

We reported last week that it was Nick who started the drama and it was Nick who couldn’t agree with his brothers.