Jonas Bros. Will Reunite If Joe Jonas Gets Help

October 23, 2013 By:
Jonas Bros. Will Reunite If Joe Jonas Gets Help
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Jonas Brothers fans might want to cover their ears for this.

The Jonas Brothers announced that they canceled their tour several weeks ago. The official statement was that the boys weren’t getting along, couldn’t agree on a musical direction, etc.

Some suggested they called off the tour because of low ticket sales.

But then Joe was spotted around LA with a sober companion and rumors began to surface of his alleged drug problem.

It turns out, the band is ready to reunite…IF Joe Jonas can get clean.

Nick and Kevin are trying to get Joe to pull it together,” a source close to the boys tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

Just what those substances are…they wouldn’t reveal…let’s just say, it’s reportedly bad enough to call off an entire tour.

A separate source tells us that the family is rallying around Joe because the goal is to eventually get back together.

“The boys are absolutely not breaking up. Everyone knew Joe was going to be the wild card. Kevin is super religious like his dad and Nick can't party with his medical condition. They are working out their issues now and rallying around Joe and he is accepting the help and getting the proper treatment he needs,” adds the second insider.

Also, the reports that the dudes want solo careers isn’t true either. The boys know they are famous because of their brotherhood. Nobody is trying to start a solo career.

“Of course, they all want their own careers. But they are also realizing that this might not be a possibility, since they were all branded together,” the first source stated.

The second source voiced the brothers' resolve concerning Joe's recovery and the future of the group. “They are just trying to help Joe get through his issues. They are not giving up on the band.”