Joe Jonas Wants to be in James Bond

January 5, 2010 By:
Joe Jonas Wants to be in James Bond

Joe Jonas has decided he wants to cross over to be in movies!

The singing teen heartthrob has his heart set on quite the franchise too. He’s had a little bit of experience on the big screen with Camp Rock and Night At the Museum—but his dream role is in another league!

Joe reportedly wants to be considered for a role in a James Bond movie. He says he would play any character, including a villain. “I’m willing to read for anything,” Joe told Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper.

He continued, “Acting is something I love and I want to do it all. It would be an awesome dream to get a part in a James Bond movie. We’re big fans of Daniel Craig. DC is the best and it would be an honor. It’s a prestigious film series.”

And speaking of James Bond, the next movie may be on hold indefinitely due to financial problems. Sources tell TotalFilm magazine that the production timeline for Bond 23 is “up in the air.”

But MGM tells MTV that the script is being written right now, and that the movie will go on as planned. We hope that’s the case!