Joe Jonas Pals Around In New York, Preps For Concert

June 21, 2012 By:
Joe Jonas Pals Around In New York, Preps For Concert

Joe Jonas was photographed having a very casual intimate lunch in New York City with a very cute, very male friend.

The Jonas Brother and current solo artist has had previous relationships with some really hot chicks - Demi Lovato, Camilla Belle, Ashley Greene and Taylor Swift -- the later whose heart he decimated, inspiring more than one of her hit songs that she wrote in memoriam.

But the legitimacy of more than one of these parings has been continually questioned as the poor guy has been constantly heckled and harassed in the media with accusations of his homosexuality.

During this most recent lunch outing, Jonas was sitting very comfortably close beside his well-groomed friend. The two were having salads.

Now anyone who’s ever attempted to “enjoy” a meal in NYC can tell you that your proximity to those around you is not necessarily optional – think, oppressively pressed for space.

The good news is that despite your ideas of Joe's personal life, his professional life seems to be moving forward and he's bringing his music to a stage near you. The 22-year-old will be heading back to Jersey to perform at the BIG Concert at Liberty State Park on Saturday. The event is being hosted by the Girl Scouts and will be open to the public. Joe hasn't revealed whether or not he will unleash any new songs that he's written or recorded with the Jonas Brothers, guess you'll just how to go and find out.

At the very least, he's excited about much so that he tweeted about hitting the stage again: Can’t wait to be back home in #NJ to perform @ the BIG Concert at Liberty State Park on 6/23.

Good luck all of your future endeavors.