Ashley Greene Takes Joe Jonas Home to Meet Parents

September 28, 2010 By:
Ashley Greene Takes Joe Jonas Home to Meet Parents

It appears things are heating up between Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas According to E! Online, the Twilight star took Joe home recently to meet her parents in Jacksonville, FL.

Greene and Jonas were spotted over the weekend shopping at the outdoor mall and eating at the California Pizza Kitchen in Jacksonville Beach. They were then seen later that night at the local Ritz Bar hanging out and making out.

"They were there with two other couples and at first went unnoticed," says eyewitness and former celebrity publicist, Jonathan Jaxson. "Then they moved to the back corner for more privacy. They were very cute together; she was caressing him, they were making out and holding hands."

"After they started making out, they drew some unwanted attention," says Jaxson. "A lot of people were coming up to them and asking for pictures."

The couple arrived around 10 p.m. and left only a few hours later because of the attention they were getting. "The whole bar was excited," Jaxson adds. "We don't get celebrities down here very often, so it was a big deal."

How cute! We still think they’re sort of an odd match, but they’re both totally gorgeous and young, so why not?!