Joe Jackson Sues AEG

June 17, 2010 By:
Joe Jackson Sues AEG

Joe Jackson is desperate for some cash so he's going after AEG, the company behind Michael Jackson's This Is It concert.

Joe is accusing AEG of "unlawful practice of corporate medicine," claiming they paid Dr. Conrad Murray to give Michael the lethal dose of propofol, which resulted in his death last June.

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The complaint states: "AEG hired, directed, controlled and demanded Dr. Conrad Murray, a medical doctor, to medicate Michael Jackson, provide Jackson with dangerous medical services and to give Michael Jackson controlled substances and other drugs without providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment or nursing assistance as it had promised in writing it would provide,"

He's also claiming that AEG failed to provide Dr. Murray with a registered nurse and proper equipment, as stated in Michael's AEG contract, "AEG shall provide Dr. Murray for his use during the term with medical equipment requested by Dr. Murray to assist him in performing the services as approved by AEG."

No word on how much Joe is suing AEG for, but he makes a good point. We just hope the money goes to Michael's estate instead of Joe's pocket.