Joe Francis Gets Arrested Again

February 3, 2009 By:
Joe Francis Gets Arrested Again

Joe Francis just can’t seem to get a good grip on the law, which isn’t too lenient with guys like him. Joe was arrested again yesterday in Los Angeles for showing up five hours late for a court hearing in his tax evasion case.

When Joe finally showed up, he told the judge he had the flu. Judge S. James Otero must not have been in a sympathetic mood, because he was taken away in handcuffs by U.S. marshals immediately.

Francis is accused of claiming more than $20 million in bogus business expenses on his corporate tax returns, including $3.8 million for a home in Mexico and $10.4 million in phony consulting services. He has pleaded not guilty to two counts of federal tax evasion.

Things do not look good for Joe. He’s facing 10 years if he’s convicted. And his lawyers aren’t even on his side! The hearing was set because they requested to be removed as his legal counsel. The only people who always have Joe’s back are the Kardashians. Time to make some calls, Kris!