Jodie Sweetin Tests Clean On Her Drug Investigation

February 9, 2009 By:
Jodie Sweetin Tests Clean On Her Drug Investigation

Jodie Sweetin is back in the news again, and lucky for her, this time it’s good news. She has just tested clean on a drug test that was ordered by an Orange County court for her and her husband Cody Herpin.

Jodi’s attorney Wilma Presley told People, "Her test is good, it's clear.” And Herpin also tested clean. His attorney Robert Benevente said in a statement, "Cody voluntarily took a hair follicle test and tested clean."

But that’s not the only issue Jodi and Cody are dealing with right now. The two arrived with their lawyers in court for a custody hearing today.

The judge asked that the attorneys for both sides briefly meet in private before resuming the hearing.

Well, we guess we should have taken Jodi’s word for it, when she said last month that she was 100% sober.

Herpin has made repeated allegations recently that Sweetin, a recovering meth addict and alcoholic, has abused drugs before and after their marriage and may still be a risk to their daughter Zoie.

At least it seems like Jodi has cleaned up her act for the time being. Hopefully the two of them can come to an agreement for Zoie’s sake.