Jodie Sweetin Sued

May 7, 2009 By:
Jodie Sweetin Sued

Jodie Sweetin isn't having a great year. She's going through a messy divorce from estranged husband Cody Herpin, has been accused of relapsing on drugs, is fighting to keep her daughter Zooie, and now she's being sued. Talk about a Full House!

According to a new report, Jodie is being sued because she hasn't paid her fees to her Home Owner's Association. Sycamore Hills Community Association filed a suit in small claims court against Sweetin for not paying $1185 in dues surrounding her Corona, CA home.

Her rep insists that Jodi doesn't live there anymore, and the late charges belong to Herpin. The rep states, "Jodie moved out of this house six months ago and has been living with her mother ever since. He was supposed to go and pay all the bills on he house, and he was supposed to get a job, but it looks like he isn't doing either of those things."

The rep went on to compare Cody to Britney's ex, saying, "He hasn't worked at all since he latched onto Jodie. He's like a K-Fed, a guy who got married and never worked and now wants money and custody."

What a mess! That guy seems like a total loser. But Jodie should just pay the bill and move on. We can't wait for her book unSweetined to come out in October! She needs to turn over a new leaf!