Jodie Sweetin Splits From Husband

November 21, 2008 By:
Jodie Sweetin Splits From Husband

Stephanie Tanner from Full House and her hubby Cody Herpin have decided to call it quits after 16 months of marriage. They lasted longer than we expected!

Jodie Sweetin filed for legal separation on Wednesday, which apparently came as a shock to Herpin. "Over this past month something has been different. I'm concerned about our daughter and I just want (Zoie) home," he said.

Sweetin, who credited Herpin for getting her off meth, gave birth to the couples child Zoie in April. Her rep is insisting that Sweetin is "absolutely clean" and "she felt like this is the way she had to go."

Lets hope for their baby’s sake she's not back to her old habits. How do you just up and leave your husband without telling him your filing for separation? He was apparently "dumbfounded" by the news. How rude!