Jodie Sweetin: I'm 100% Sober

January 15, 2009 By:
Jodie Sweetin: I'm 100% Sober

Jodie Sweetin wants people to know she’s not using drugs, once and for all!

She is speaking out for the first time against the claims that she’s relapsed into drug and alcohol use, which her now estranged husband Cody Herpin told an Orange county judge late last year.

Jodie tells People magazine, "There are a lot of things being said about my using that are not going on right now. I want to make it known that I am absolutely, 100 percent sober."

But Jodie admits that she hasn’t been a total angel when it comes to booze. She says she had one little relapse last summer with one too many glasses of wine.

But hey that happens to the best of us, right? Jodie says she followed her actions with immediately touching base with people in her support system.

She says, "I immediately called other people who are in recovery. Any slip for me is not good, but I didn't let it stall my progress. I could have just not said anything and brushed it under the rug. But that doesn't help me make different choices in the future. Zoie comes first for me, as well as my sobriety."

But Herpin is painting a completely different picture of Jodie, saying that she had completely fallen off the wagon, and that he was afraid for his daughter.

We guess this can only be decided the right way when the two appear in court on February 9th. Beforehand, both Jodie and Cody are required to take drug tests.

To make matter even weirder, Herpin says he has no idea why Jodie even filed for divorce from him in the first place. He says that he found out from her attorney.

Jodie says she wants to keep the details private. But what could she be hiding? All in all, this is one weird divorce/custody battle!