Jodie Sweetin Being Investigated For Substance Abuse

December 17, 2008 By:
Jodie Sweetin Being Investigated For Substance Abuse

Jodie Sweetin may not be totally recovered from her meth addiction. As you may know, she was addicted to drugs in the past, and made several public statements about being completely clean.

Well now People magazine reports that she’s under emergency investigation by an Orange County family court for substance abuse.

Sweetin is currently going through a divorce from her husband Cody Herpin, who released a statement today saying, "It's primarily alcohol, but there's also concern regarding methamphetamines.”

According to TMZ, Herpin also alleges that Sweetin once drove intoxicated with Zoie in the car, and that she’s an unfit mother. A doctor who took the stand also claimed that Sweetin had relapsed but has been in touch with her sponsor and is attending AA meetings. The doctor said she does not believe the baby is at risk at the moment.

Sweetin will now not be allowed to be with the child unless one of her parents is present, the judge said.

Wow, that’s scary, especially since Jodie is currently living with her parents and her daughter Zoie. She filed for joint custody on November 19th but Herpin has since filed for sole custody on December 4th. So something must be going on behind closed doors if Herpin doesn’t want Jodi to see their daughter.

Both of their reps weren’t available for comment. But we’ll keep you updated on the investigation!