Jodie Foster Comes Out of the Closet at Golden Globes?

January 14, 2013 By:
Jodie Foster Comes Out of the Closet at Golden Globes?
Image By: AP

Jodie Foster just won the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes tonight, an award that was announced a couple months ago, but what we weren’t expecting was the WTF speech she delivered after accepting her award.

Jodie Foster spoke for what felt like an hour and somehow managed to come out of the closet, announce she was maybe retiring, tell everyone she was single, and give a scary yet heartfelt message to her dying mom.

I can’t confidently tell you that I do not understand what the hell she was talking about. She started off by setting us up to think she was about to “officially” come out of the closet, then when she was about to drop a big gay bomb, she bait and switched us and said, “I’m single.”

She then went on to bash reality TV (why? No reason) and specifically had it out for Honey Boo Boo. She then started rambling about how she herself was the original “reality TV show star” because she started acting at such a young age. Ok?

And then she talked about her mom, who it appears is very sick. This moment was heartwarming and had most of the audience in tears. 

Oh and then Jodie said, “this is the last time you’ll see me on stage” which made us wonder if she was retiring? She winded down her speech like this was her last ever awards show and then toasted the audience with “to another 50 years!”

So wait, she’s not quitting Hollywood?

Everything was confusing. Her speech lasted forever. They never played the “exit music” and she may or may not have been drunk.