Joaquin Phoenix's Rep Denies He's Mentally ill

February 27, 2009 By:
Joaquin Phoenix's Rep Denies He's Mentally ill

Joaquin Phoenix has been making headlines in the past few months for his...strange behavior?

First he "quite acting" then he launched a rap career and went on Letterman and gave a really bizarre interview. So is he acting, is it drug use or is he mentally ill?

The chances of us actually figuring him out are slim to none, but his rep hit the roof when prominent Chicago psychiatrist Paul Dobransky claimed the actor was mentally ill and displayed "socially inappropriate behavior."

"There is something wrong. And it's beyond drug abuse," Dobransky told the Los Angeles Times.

"I was pretty offended by that skit at the Oscars," Dobransky says in the Times. "It struck me as potentially beating down on the mentally ill.

Joaquin's publicist Susan Patricola quickly slammed the psychiatrist releasing a statement that read, "How absolutely inappropriate for a doctor who has no personal interaction or relationship with someone to diagnose them. And to do so in a public forum."

She added, "Hope they spelled his name right. Another 15-minute 'expert' is born! Astonishingly inappropriate!"

We'll be the first to admit that he's behavior of late is strange, but for someone who has never treated him to publicly diagnose him as being mentally ill is really unprofessional.

The theory behind his behavior is that Joaquin and his brother in-law Casey Affleck are filming a Borat style production. What do you guys think? What's your theory?