Joaquin Phoenix Flips Out

January 21, 2009 By:
Joaquin Phoenix Flips Out

Joaquin Phoenix has either seriously lost his marbles or his 'I'm crazy' act is a big PR stunt and we're the fools who are falling for it.

This past weekend Joaquin and his brother in law Casey Affleck were in Vegas where Joaquin was set to perform at Lavo nightclub, not only did the performance not go as planned, he flipped out right before throwing a major diva fit.

"He was waiting for Casey Affleck" - who's directing a documentary about Phoenix's venture - "and when the film crew arrived late, Joaquin flipped out," and insider told Page Six.

The spy said Phoenix yelled at the crew, "Thanks for being late and [bleep]ing everything up."

He then threw a CD on the floor and stormed out. "He came back five minutes later and did the sound check," said the source, who added, "Nobody can tell if he is for real or if this is all a big joke."

Needless to say, his "rap performance" didn't exactly go as planned either. Not only was his performance horrible and off beat, at one point he fell off the stage!

This has to be a big joke right? How can a serious Award Winning actor go from being sane and respected to being a joke in just a few months? We're really hoping this 'documentary' is just a big PR stunt. We miss the normal Joaquin.