Joaquin Phoenix Attacks Fan in Florida

March 12, 2009 By:
Joaquin Phoenix Attacks Fan in Florida

Joaquin Phoenix lived out his hip hop dream when he jumped into the crowd at LIV nightclub in Miami Wednesday night, only problem is he was rushing into the crowd to attack a fan.

Fans waited four hours at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel for Phoenix to perform. He eventually took the stage at 2am, mumbling the words to his songs over a backing track.

About two minutes into the performance someone near the stage screamed out a couple profanities and Phoenix responded. "We have an a**hole in the audience," reports our Hollyscoop correspondent.

The two exchanged a couple of words then Phoenix asked "Do you have a million dollars? I've got $1 million in the bank, what have you got."

The unknown man screamed out a couple more offensive words and before he was done "Phoenix was jumping into the crowd and headed straight in his direction."

The bouncers immediately came and split the two up. Who got the first blow is still up in the air, but one thing is for sure, Casey Affleck and his crew got every second of this "unplanned" fight on camera.

The bouncers eventually led Phoenix back up on the stage and then escorted him out of the nightclub, hopefully to seek some help.

While Phoenix insists his rap career is the real deal, it's a little hard to take him seriously when his brother-in-law Casey Affleck follows him around everywhere with a video camera. Affleck is said to be filming a Borat style documentary about Phoenix and his endeavors as a singer.

What do you guys think? Has he lost his marbles, or is he for real? Are we the ones being fooled by his "performance"?