Kardashians Challenged to Stop Wearing and Selling Fur

February 3, 2012 By:
Kardashians Challenged to Stop Wearing and Selling Fur

It’s about to be a, what, a fur fight! Supermodel Joanna Krupa (Dancing With The Stars) and TV personalities Katie Cleary (Deal or No Deal) have started a petition to get the Kardashians to remove all fur from the clothing store “DASH” and also their clothing line, Kardashian Kollection.

Joanna Krupa told Hollyscoop exclusively her thoughts on the Kardashian use of fur, “I am fed up with them always wearing fur while being fully aware that many girls view them as a fashion inspiration or even role models. As a celebrity its not just about fame and fortune but about awareness and responsibility.”

Also, Khloe did a PETA campaign, which is pretty hypocritical. Joanna Krupa is surprised no-one questioned Khloe’s motives. Did she model for PETA for fame or because she actually cares about animal rights, especially as her own store DASH is still carrying fur products.

“What angers me the most is that Khloe did an anti-fur PETA campaign and knows these animals are skinned alive beaten drowned and electrocuted. It actually saddens me that one now has to question the genuine motivation behind Khloe’s PETA campaign,” says Krupa.

Krupa and Cleary are very confident they can get 10,000 signatures in support and plan to present the petition in person at the DASH store in Calabasas and challenge the Kardashians to do their part for animal rights.

Katie Cleary helped pass the ban of the sale of fur in West Hollywood to take effect this year.

If you want to sign the petition to get the Kardashians to stop selling fur, sign the online petition.