5 Reality Stars That Are Hotter Than Kim Kardashian

October 23, 2012 By:
5 Reality Stars That Are Hotter Than Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is overrated. There…I said it.

And, for the good of our readership and mankind in general, I will accept the consequences that may befall from the Church of Kim Kadashian, the QuickTrim Secret Service, or whatever force leads her brainwashing propaganda campaign…

That isn’t to say she isn’t attractive. She just isn’t number one.

Style publication Complex.com seemed to think the very opposite when they appointed the Kardashian the “Hottest Reality Star Right Now.”

While we can only guess the reasons for Complex’s major mix-up putting way hotter female celebs behind Kim, we have a temporary solution…

In true Lance Armstrong doping scandal fashion, Hollyscoop is taking it upon ourselves to strip Kim of her title…Or at least bump her down on the list.

Here are five other reality stars that we would much rather undress with our eyes.

5. JWoww (“Jersey Shore”/“Snooki & JWoww”): First of all: BABE. All you haters out there are just jealous that you don’t look as good in the dominatrix getup that she rocked for Roger in Season 3 of the “Shore.” Plus, she comes with the bonus meatball fun of Snooki. I’m in!

4. Joanna Krupa (“Real Housewives of Miami”): I’ll admit that I have bit of a soft spot for the Polish ladies. But, really people, you cannot tell me that a side-by-side comparison of Kim and Joanna yields a Kardashian victory. If hotness were a poker game the “Real House Wife” trumps the “Perfect Bitch” every time.

3. Peta Murgatroyd (“Dancing With the Stars”): Not only could Peta sweep the K-Dash sister on the dance floor as demonstrated by Kim’s inability to keep up with herself in Season 7 of “DWTS,” the Australian pro dancer’s striking features could cha-cha-cha circles around her competition.

2. Francesca Eastwood (“Mrs. Eastwood and Company”): Francesca is probably the only reason “Mrs. Eastwood and Company” was made in the first place. The blonde among the also hot brunettes on the show offers enough golden locks flair to make the pointless series actually watchable – a feat Kim Kardashian can only dream about on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

1. Brittany Fletcher (“The Amazing Race”): “The Amazing Race” doesn’t exactly do Brittany’s sculpted attributes justice. She is, after all, always running around or sweating about something. But make no mistake, this gal is a fine fox, and – even straight out of bed – she could easily give any girl a run for her money…In Kim’s case, a lot of money.

Footnote: It should also be noted that the majority of the female “Big Brother” cast this year could have made it on this list too. But, because no one actually watches “Big Brother,” we decided not to include them.