Joan's Not Sorry Anymore

June 19, 2008 By:
Joan's Not Sorry Anymore

Earlier this week, we
reported that Joan Rivers got kicked off a British Television show after saying the word Fu** on Live TV after they specifically warned her not to curse. Well, she was sorry at first but now in true Joan fashion, she just seems pissed.

She says, "Lemme get this straight. Bin Laden's top man has been released. The price of petrol is through the roof. There's inflation, depression. And people are hysterical because I said f**k?

"I was having a great time and everybody was laughing. Then these people - these idiots - came running onto the set and ripped me off my seat and dragged me off.?

"They were saying 'Let's go, let's go, let's go'. I thought I was being arrested."

She’s acting like she could use that kind of language on American TV. You can’t Joan! She’s funny though in an annoying obnoxious sort of way. Maybe Joan should try to sign herself up as The View co-host for a short time. That would be interesting. But it should only be for a short time because we’ll probably all get sick of her.

Watch the video of Joan right before she got kicked out below: