Emmy Host Jimmy Kimmel: I'm Going to Physically Injure the Nominees

July 19, 2012 By:

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host and this years Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel stepped in last minute this morning to announce the years Emmy nominees.

Due to the 5:40 am call-time for the Emmy announcement, Jimmy came onstage in his pajamas, and told Hollyscoop, “I didn’t even realize I was wearing them,” later adding, “You know what, I actually was in my underpants, I changed into pajamas after getting out of bed and then came here to the show.”

Jimmy is not only hosting this years Emmy Awards for the first time ever, he was also pleasantly surprised to find out that his own late night show was nominated for Outstanding Variety Series as he announced the nominees.

“It is a big deal,” says Kimmel, “It’s funny because you see this every year and you see other people get nominated and they’re excited and then it’s kind of depressing when you don’t. [Now] it’s exciting, I know it shouldn’t mean anything but it does.”

Kimmel says the nomination is mostly a big deal for his staff, saying “some of them take [not being nominated] really hard and they mope and they kick things and they pout and I think today they will be in a more celebratory mood.”

Many wonder if Jimmy Kimmel will “pull a Ricky Gervais at the Oscars” when he hosts the Emmys, meaning, is he going to just unleash insult comments at every A-lister in the audience?

“I’m just going to start randomly punching people in the face,” says Kimmel, “I’m not even going to bother with jokes, I’m going to physically injure the nominees.”
The Emmys will air Sunday September 23 at 7pm on ABC.