Jimmy Fallon’s Long-Lost Modeling Photos Are Hysterical

February 6, 2014 By:
Jimmy Fallon’s Long-Lost Modeling Photos Are Hysterical

Jimmy Fallon got his start on "Saturday Night Live." In the early ‘00s he was the cast’s “hot, young thing” and it definitely showed.


Like in this VERY REAL Calvin Klein ad from the early ‘00s.

Jimmy spoke about it in 2001 to Paper mag:

“I really snuck that one in there. When it was all done, no one made fun of me or anything. As a comedian, you don’t really think that you’re good-looking, so when someone asks you if you’d like to model Calvin Klein, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, yes — yes, I want the billboard to be right over the Improv.’ I wanted people walking in to be like, ‘When is it all going to end for that guy? He is the luckiest man on earth.’ I mean, this is ridiculous.”


(Enjoy this bonus shot of Jimmy gazing off into the distance…)

It’s from the same Calvin Klein campaign.


Speaking of Paper mag, this is what that cover looked like:


Look at him smolder.

You’re playing with fire, Jimmy!


Here he is pensively staring at the ground.


Since then, the talk show host has become quite stylish.

Just ask GQ.


Work those brows, Fallon.


But never forget!

Because we never will.