Jimmy Fallon Makes His Late Night Hosting Debut

March 3, 2009 By:
Jimmy Fallon Makes His Late Night Hosting Debut

It must have been a nerve wrecking day last night for Jimmy Fallon as he made his late night talk show host debut. The good news is that he had awesome guests for his first night. Justin Timberlake and Robert De Niro stopped by the show which must have made things a bit easier for Fallon.

It seems like Fallon got some good reviews but naturally there was some bad ones as well.

A Hollywood Reporter critic said, "He tried too hard, stumbled over his punchlines and struggled to make Robert De Niro seem interesting," who basically said that Fallon had a "typically stiff debut."

Then comes the Entertainment Weekly critic who said that, "He did an ultra-ordinary monologue -- one liners about President Obama and the deficit that sounded like material Jay Leno's writers had faxed over from L.A."

"He still looked nervous...His eyes locked onto the cue cards more frequently than at us."

Ofcourse he was a nervous, it was his first day as a late night talk show host! Let's give the guy the break he needs because chances are he will open up and his show will be great.

Did you guys watch his debut? You be our critic, what did you think?