Jim Carrey Rebounds With a Model

January 21, 2011 By:
Jim Carrey Rebounds With a Model

Jim Carrey is dating a model! Hey, if you can’t have Jenny McCarthy, that’s not a bad second choice!

Rumor has it Jim is dipping into the younger market and dating 24-year old model Anchal Joseph, who was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model in 2006.

Jim has been single since his split from Jenny in April, while she’s been dating up a storm! So it’s nice to see he’s caught up! But who knows if this is serious with the model chick, since last week Jim was spotted catching a show in Union Square with a mystery blonde.

A source says, “Carrey's assistant called the theatre to ensure security would be top-notch and no one was to approach him for pictures.

“They were very romantic and there was lots of hand-holding.”

I just cannot picture this guy being romantic in any way shape or form. Hilarious, yes. Romantic, hell no. But I’m happy for him regardless! Sounds like he’s having himself some fun!