Jim Carrey Quits Three Stooges

August 10, 2009 By:
Jim Carrey Quits Three Stooges

Jim Carrey has surprisingly walked out on his role in the highly anticipated screen adaptation of The Three Stooges. For months we'd been hearing Carrey would take on the role on Curly, having gone through negotiations back in April.

Jim had even gone as far as packing on the pounds in order to better portray the chubby Curly, and girlfriend Jenny McCarty said fans were definitely going to be impressed. She said, "He's definitely practising the role of Curly... He's basically enjoying his desserts... He's going to gain 50 pounds to play Curly. I listen to him walking around doing Curly... People are gonna be blown away when they see him."

But, according to The Boston Globe, Peter Farrelly has confirmed Carrey is no longer involved in the project. And we hear Paul Giamatti is!

The Sideways star denied the rumors he was signing on to the film back in June, saying there had been no talks between himself and the Farrelly brothers.

However, The Globe alleges Giamatti has now been confirmed to fill the role intended for Sean Penn, who quit the film earlier this year, citing personal reasons.

So our question is, who will be the new Curly??