Jim Carrey on Jenny McCarthy: We Are Married

December 18, 2008 By:
Jim Carrey on Jenny McCarthy: We Are Married

There are a few Hollywood couples that seem so genuinely in love, if we didn't know any better, we would question their relationship. Jim Carrey and his longtime girlfriend Jenny McCarthy are one of those couples.

The couple, who have been dating since 2005, have gone to great lengths to avoid marriage talk in the past, but Jim spoke to Hollyscoop about his ladylove and their future together.

So can finally expect wedding bells from the couple? “We love each other and we are married whether somebody said it or not. Whether we had some kind of ceremony or not, we believe that nothing outside of yourself can make your union sacred except you," Jim told Hollyscoop.com at the 'Yes Man' Los Angeles movie premiere.

He added, "So that’s where we are, we love it and everybody keeps saying 'why not put the finishing touches on it' and my attitude is why ever put the finishing touches on it? Just keep it open, keep it going, court forever, that’s what were into.”

Jim is already a father figure to Jenny's five-year-old son Evan, but we wanted to know if they have plans to expand their family. Carrey told Hollyscoop, “Were expanding all the time, all the time.”

Guess some couples, like Jim and Jenny, opt to take the Brangelina route and don't need a marriage license to validate their relationship. But still, we would love to see these two tie the knot eventually. What are your thoughts on their union?