Jim Carrey Denies Breakdown

April 12, 2010 By:
Jim Carrey Denies Breakdown

Jim Carrey is infamous for his off-the-wall behavior, but his latest series of tweets have people wondering if he's having a post breakup breakdown.

Not only did he stop following all his friends (his daughter Jane's band is the only person he follows now), but also his tweets are getting crazier and crazier.

"I have freed Truman at long last!," Carrey wrote in an explosion of post-breakup Tweets.

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"I am grateful for my avatar's many yrs of dedicated service, but no one has ever won the Tour De France while back peddling. … so I killed him," he wrote late Sunday night. "I do not plan 2 bow to expectations or to be confined by the fear of losing altitude in the 'statusphere'! (my word)."

He later added, "Some folks out there are worried that I stay up too late...This is no breakdown! It's a breakthrough! And if you'll just loosen these straps, I'll show you the difference!"

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Hmm sounds like someone is either super bored at home or doesn't know how to deal with time alone. Do you think Jim's tweets are out of control? Or is it something you expect from the funnyman?