Bachelorette's New Fiance Still In Touch With Ex Girlfriend

July 31, 2009 By:
Bachelorette's New Fiance Still In Touch With Ex Girlfriend

Many think that bachelorette Jillian Harris picked the right guy at the end. But we hear whispers that he may still be in touch with his ex-girlfriend! Scandalous!

A new report suggests that Ed is still texting his ex-girlfriend whom he broke things off with right before coming on The Bachelorette.

Sources tell Radar that Ed texted and emailed his most recent girlfriend Bethany Steffen throughout filming for the show. One source says, “He broke off his relationship with Bethany just a week before he began shooting The Bachelorette but soon resumed contact with her via texts and emails.”

One source even refers to the correspondence at “sexting!” A source close to Bethany tells Radar, “When the episode aired showing Ed as the winner and he and Jillian agreeing to marry, Bethany was stunned. Ed’s sexy messages to Bethany certainly aren’t of the kind a happily engaged man should be sending.

Ed and Bethany had reportedly dated for four months, right before he was picked as one of the possible suitors for the show. Sounds like Ed has been a naughty naughty boy. Of course a spokeswoman for The Bachelorette had no comment.

Jillian must be in the dark about the whole situation because just yesterday the couple dined at SUSHISAMBA Rio, one of Ed's favorite Chicago restaurants, with six friends, and eyewitnesses say they looked really happy together.

This spells trouble!! Do you think Ed is two-timing Jillian?? Do you think their relationship is real, or was it just for the cameras? Who do you think she should have picked?