Jessica Szohr is Tired of Hooking Up With Co-Stars

August 24, 2010 By:
Jessica Szohr is Tired of Hooking Up With Co-Stars

Gossip Girl hottie Jessica Szohr is Nylon Magazine's September cover girl.

In the issue she talks about how tired she is of hooking up with the same six people, her "waaaay too much" wardrobe on the show and what we can expect from the new season. Here are some highlights from the article:

On whose Gossip Girl clothes she would steal:
“I personally think Jenny has the best wardrobe on the show – it’s kind of grungy, but girly, without being too put together. Blair is too structured and perfect, Serena is always glammed up. Vanessa’s waaaay too much with every color and pattern. It sounds like I’m being negative about them all, but I’m not – I think they all look great. But if I was going to go shopping for [me], I’d head straight into Jenny’s closet.”

On potential Season Four plot lines:
“I keep saying they have to bring in other characters because how many times can six characters date and hook up with each other before it gets real old?”

On filming at 2 am in a lake for her new movie, Piranhas 3D: “I was actually like, I’m going to be attacked!”

Producers originally didn’t want to cast her on Gossip Girl because her straight, shiny hair was too preppy.

“I told my agent, you send every picture of my hair short, curly, black, blonde, I don’t care.”