Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements

May 6, 2012 By:
Weirdest Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities love endorsements. All they have to do is hold up a product and make a cool half a million dollars. The Kardashians for Quicktrim? Sure. Ellen DeGeneres and Sofia Vergara for Covergirl? Yup? Method Man for Sour Patch Kids? Wait, what?

These are the celebrity endorsements that are weird, bizarre, or that make you say, Whaaaatttt!

Khloe and Lamar Odom for Pistachios: The Kardashians will slap their name on ANYTHING. Apparently they’ve ran out of diet shakes, sneakers and alcohol, because Khloe and her hubby Lamar are now doing adds for Pistachios. To be fair, those are some classy nut ads. But still, it’s a commercial for a nut.

Sylvester Stallone for Pudding: Sly Stallone has been endorsing protein-products for a while now, but his ad for High-Protein Pudding is super weird. Nothing says muscle building like…pudding? Want to look like Rambo? Try pudding? Bleh.

Jessica Simpson for edible cosmetics: Before Jessica Simpson hit the right notes with her entire design empire, The Jessica Simpson Collection, she ventured onto the scene with a line of edible cosmetics. The Dessert Treat line included lip gloss, whipped body cream, fragrances, sugar shimmer, hair and body mist, body frosting, shampoo and body wash. I think it was supposed to be “sexy,” but mostly it was just gross.

Method Man for Sour Patch Kids: Nothing says sugary-sour candy like Wu-Tang Clan! For whatever reason, the marketing geniuses at Sour Patch Kids headquarters decided to make Method Man their official endorser. Way to stay relevant, Method Man, candy never goes out of style.

Heidi Klum for candy: Heidi Klum’s cartoon image is pasted on the side of a candy called “Heidi’s Fruit Flirtations.” Not only has no one ever heard of this candy brand, but slapped across each bag it reads, “My Favorite Candies” by Heidi Klum. We'll take your word for it?

Ozzy Osbourne for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter: Celebrities have been endorsing “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” since the beginning of time, so this is nothing weird, but Ozzy Osbourne for the faux butter campaign? Can Ozzy even identify real butter anymore?

KISS for caskets: Rock group Kiss once endorsed a line of caskets called the Kiss Kasket. Yes, that’s right, a coffin. The side of the casket said, “Kiss Forever.” With all that obnoxious “K” alliteration, the Kardashians are just upset they didn’t get the Koffin endorsement first.

Paris Hilton for Scrapbooks: Paris Hilton has thrown her name on fragrances, purses, doggy clothes, uhmm, everything, but did you know that she once endorsed a collection of scrapbook supplies called the Creativity Collection? Or as Paris once said, “I love scrap booking, being creative is hot!”