Watch: Jessica Simpson's Brand New Weight Watchers Commercial

December 20, 2012 By:
Watch: Jessica Simpson's Brand New Weight Watchers Commercial


The newest Weight Watchers commercial has debuted and thank goodness, it features more than just Jessica Simpson’s floating head.

Jessica debuts her slim new bod in the new WW spot.

“I didn't need to be perfect to get here, to lose over 50 pounds on Weight Watchers," Jessica tells the camera.

Jessica wears a super tight shirt, but covers it up with a flannel top and some skinny jeans. You can’t hide too much in the outfit she’s got on. She looks good.

The new WW program she’s promoting is Weight Watchers 360, which sounds more like an HR seminar for employees. If you try to Google Weight Watchers 360, the only answers I could find was that it’s “taking weight loss to the next level.” So extreme weight loss? Having a nearly 10 pound baby and having to shed the lbs in the public eye? That kind of extreme?

In the video, Jessica rides around on a truck, does some twirling and talks about all the things she loves.

“I’m only human…I love food, I love life,” she says in the commercial, “I had no idea I could be so in control and so free at the same time.”

It’s interesting that they released this new video since it’s rumored (but we’re pretty sure) that she’s pregnant, and pregnant women cannot diet with WW.