Video: Sneak Peek of Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty

February 26, 2010 By:
Video: Sneak Peek of Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty

Jessica Simpson knows all too well what it’s like to be scrutinized as a person in the public eye. She’s been ragged on in the press for just about everything—including her weight, her relationships, and her intelligence.

But Jess has tried hard not to let a little negative press rain on her parade. And her new show, The Price of Beauty, is about to air next month. The show features Jessica, her BFF Cacee Cobb, and hairstylist Ken Paves traveling around the world to see how other cultures define beauty.

In Uganda for example, fat is beautiful! In fact, brides-to-be enter into a “fattening hut” prior to the nuptials just so they can look good for their husbands. Talk about opposite!

Jess seems really excited for people to see the show. She tweeted, "I'm so fired up for everyone to see what my friends and I discovered the last 4 months!!!" The show debuts March 15th. Check out the trailer below.