Vanessa Minnillo Calls Jessica Simpson an Elephant

August 1, 2011 By:
Vanessa Minnillo Calls Jessica Simpson an Elephant

Vanessa Minnillo, who just married Nick Lachey, says her hubby's ex-wife Jessica Simpson is an elephant. A straight up peanut eating elephant. Kidding.

Minnillo says that since she and Lachey just got married in a TLC special and Lachey and Simpson started their life on reality TV and now Simpson is also about to wed, all the comparisons constantly bring Simpson up in conversation and Minnillo calls her the “elephant in the room.”

Minnillo thinks the paparazzi are following her and Lachey because of Simpson's fame. Well, Minnillo is a former host of a show that doesn't exist anymore (TRL) and Lachey will forever be Simpson's ex, so yeah, Jessica Simpson is the reason for their fame.

Minnillo assumes that Simpson and her fiancé Eric Johnson want privacy as much as she does, “I think that she would probably pray as much as I do that they allow us to have our own moments.”

However, Minnillo pretends like she wants the paparazzi to leave her and Lachey alone.

“It's funny to me that [the paparazzi] care, because I'd like to think that Nick and I are somewhat boring. But they care,” says Minnillo.

Really, because it's funny to me that you sold your wedding to TLC and act like you don't care. “Haha cameras? What cameras? We're so boring. PLEASE WATCH!”